Physical Dramaturgy: Ein (neuer) Trend?

Dramaturgie im zeitgenössischen Tanz ist ? positiv gemeint ? ein heißes Eisen. Idealerweise sind Dramaturginnen und Dramaturgen während der Erarbeitung eines Stücks die besten Freunde der Choreografen. more more


Friday 25 January, 2008

Jan Philipp Reemtsma explains the uncanny glee of autotelic violence. Ulrich Beck explains that the national state is also being heated up by climate change. Apples but no nudes fill Cairo's Academy of Fine Art. Flemish novelist Saskia de Coster proffers an unusual roadmap for peace in Belgium. And juvenile deliquency continues to provoke journalistic mud-slinging.
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Friday 18 January, 2008

The German debate on youth violence has been catapulted into the extremes. Daniel Barenboim comes in for some stinging criticism in die Welt. Andre Glucksmann underscores his laicist convictions with some statistics. Writer Peter Schneider sees a failing state behind Naples' burning mountains of rubbish. A new Russian media surveillance office looks very much like a censorship authority. And Chechnyan human rights activist Zainap Gashaeva tells of Grosny's forgotten suffering.
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Friday 11 January, 2008

Kenyan writer David G. Maillu proposes a new parliamentary system for his country – based on age and sex. Romanian author Mircea Cartarescu reveals the source of his nightmarish fantasies. Filmmaker Claude Chabrol says society is one big bourgeoisie. The Camorra is cleaning up with Naples' rubbish. And the SZ looks at business correspondence of extortionists.
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Friday 4 January, 2008

Julia Fischer demonstrated spectacular dual talents in the Frankfurt Oper. Gabriele Goettle describes the dawn of the Gypsy pogrom mood in Italy. Our heritage culture is necrophiliac, according to historian Philipp Blom. Merve Verlag's book titles are as beautiful as they are enigmatic, says publisher Peter Gente. And smokers in Hamburg want to be left to smoke and die with decency.
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