Michael Ballhaus im Gespräch: ?Meine Filmschule war das Kino?

Als Kameramann hat Michael Ballhaus Kinogeschichte geschrieben. Auf der Berlinale 2016 wird er nun mit dem Goldenen Ehrenbären geehrt. Goethe.de hat sich mit dem gebürtigen Berliner über seine Karriere unterhalten. more more



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With an advertisement on signandsight.com, you will reach people interested in culture, literature and the Internet as well as inquisitive web users all over the world.

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Technical specifications

* Banner and cover images: jpg or gif; max. 20 KB
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* Rich-Media: HTML, Flash, Java, D-HTML, Shockwave


We would be happy to discuss advertisements in other formats. For details on rates and further information on advertising possibilities, please contact Thierry Chervel at +49 (0)30 400 55 83 15, chervel@perlentaucher.de or Jan Koehler at +49 (0)30 400 55 83 16, koehler@perlentaucher.de.

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All advertisements are subject to the approval of signandsight.com. We reserve the right to reject or cancel any advertising at any time.
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signandsight.com assumes no liability for errors in key numbers or codes.
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All orders are bound solely by the conditions as listed here. Other contrary conditions listed on orders by the client will be deemed not to apply.

Orders subject to a series discount must be completed within twelve months. If a cancellation results in an advertiser failing to reach agreed insertion levels to qualify for a series discount, the advertiser will be surcharged on prior insertions at the relevant level of series discount.

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Dear readers...

Monday 1 October, 2007

We've been online since March 1, 2005, delivering a daily press review of the German language feuilletons. Starting in October, we will only be able to provide a weekly summary, "From the Feuilletons," and two rather than three full-length articles per week.
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Our partners

For more information on signandsight's partners...
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signandsight.com in Prague

Friday 29 June, 2007

Let's talk European! Towards a European public sphere. Over 50 chief editors and editors from all over Central Eastern Europe and beyond discussed in Prague from 15-16 June how Europe's most pressing questions could be debated across the continent. How can international media networks be extended? Read the summary of the conference here.
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Let's Talk European! signandsight.com in Amsterdam

Monday 4 June, 2007

In co-operation with the Goethe-Institute Amsterdam, Post Amsterdam and Dare2Connect, signandsight.com presented "Let's Talk European!" a panel discussion on the European public sphere. The event, moderated by journalist Hans Maarten van den Brink, featured Endre B. Bojtar of the Hungarian Magyar Narancs, Gerbert van Loenen of the Dutch Trouw, Arne Ruth, former chief editor of Dagens Nyheter and Arno Widmann, of the Frankfurter Rundschau. We give the text of the evening's discussion.
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signandsight.com in Amsterdam

Discussion between journalists about the European public sphere

In co-operation with the Goethe-Institute Amsterdam, Post Amsterdam and Dare2Connect, signandsight.com will present "Let's Talk European!" a panel discussion on the European public sphere. The event, moderated by journalist Hans Maarten van den Brink, features Endre B. Bojtar, editor-in-chief of the Hungarian weekly paper Magyar Narancs, Gerbert van Loenen, deputy chief editor of the Dutch daily Trouw, Arne Ruth, former chief editor of the Swedish Dagens Nyheter and Arno Widmann, head of the Feuilleton and Media section at the Frankfurter Rundschau.
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Comments please

January 15, 2007

signandsight.com is pleased to announce that our comments function is finally up and running...
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We are happy to announce

Friday 24 November, 2006

Two new developments at our website! A new layout for signandsight.com and a legal victory for perlentaucher.de.
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The Non-English Patient

Monday 6 November, 2006

On Saturday, October 7, signandsight.com took part in a panel discussion at the Frankfurt Book Fair on the state of translation in the globalised world. The event, hosted by media specialist Rüdiger Wischenbart, featured Esther Allen, compiler of an eye-opening study on translation and today's book industry; Susan Harris of Words without Borders; Anne-Bitt Gerecke of Litrix.de; and Thierry Chervel, founder of signandsight.com's sister site Perlentaucher.de. We present the gist of the discussion.
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signandsight.com at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Tuesday 1 August, 2006

In co-operation with Litrix.de and the Frankfurt Book Fair signandsight.com presents a discussion on world literature in the digital age with Esther Allen, Thierry Chervel, Anne-Bitt Gerecke, Susan Harris and Rüdiger Wischenbart. On Saturday, October 7 in the International Centre of the Frankfurt Book Fair. (Image: Frankfurt Book Fair/Hirth)
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Our user survey

Monday 3 July, 2006

We wanted to know who our readers are, where they live, what they like about signandsight.com and what they think could be improved. We had lots of reponses from all over the globe.
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signandsight.com in New York

on Friday April 28, 2006

In co-operation with 2006 PEN WORLD VOICES, signandsight.com presents a discussion on "The Limits of Tolerance" with Pascal Bruckner, Necla Kelek, Dubravka Ugresic, Richard Rodriguez and moderated by Kwame Anthony Appiah. On Friday April 28 in the New York Public Library.
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