Art in an Ethnographic Turn ? The researching encounter with the other in art Octagon: The Schinkel Pavilion Berlin

The Ethnographic Turn in the visual arts describes a practice in which artists approach other cultures or realities through their research and documentation activities.... more more



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Joachim Sartorius, Kiran Nagarkar, Bora Cosic, Knut Henkel, Anna Politkovskaya, Michael Köhlmeier, Thomas Brussig, Anton Zeilinger, Ulla Lenze, Oksana Bulgakova, Dragan Klaic, Sonia Mikich, Lars Gustafsson, Bernd Becher, Artur Domoslawski
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Literature, Film, Art, etc.
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Turkey, France, Great Britan, Poland, Russia, India, Ukraina, Lebanon, etc.
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Heinz-Christian Strache, Matthias Weischer, assisted suicide, Jutta Limbach, Eichmann trial, intellectual property, German Book Price, Gangsta rap, Marcel Reich-Ranicki, Islamic mysticism, Frankfurt Book Fair, Martin Scorsese, Orhan Pamuk, Elfriede Jelinek, Hokusai
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