Art in an Ethnographic Turn ? The researching encounter with the other in art Octagon: The Schinkel Pavilion Berlin

The Ethnographic Turn in the visual arts describes a practice in which artists approach other cultures or realities through their research and documentation activities.... more more



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Peter Nadas, Michail Ryklin, Arno Widmann, Elif Shafak, Helmut Merker, Peter Handke, Vladimir Arsenijevic, Arne Ruth, Dubravka Ugresic, Ahmed Eskandari, Harald Martenstein, Kathrin Passig, Andreas Rosenfelder, Thomas Bernhard, Hans Magnus Enzensberger
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Literature, Film, Art, etc.
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Turkey, France, Great Britan, Poland, Russia, India, Ukraina, Lebanon, etc.
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Peter Nadas, Andri Snaer Magnason, Super700, Sergej Eisenstein, Grässlin Collection, Francois Bon, Angela Merkel, Hokusai, Historians, William Forsythe, The Red Baron, Thomas Glavinic, Computer, Sassoon Eskell, Pavel Salzmann
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