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Dramaturgie im zeitgenössischen Tanz ist ? positiv gemeint ? ein heißes Eisen. Idealerweise sind Dramaturginnen und Dramaturgen während der Erarbeitung eines Stücks die besten Freunde der Choreografen. more more


10/01/2007 in Belgrade

The first meeting of cultural portals in former Yugoslavia

27–29 November 2006, Goethe Institute Belgrade, Serbia
, Germany's major independent online cultural magazine, together with its English service,, are delighted at the invitation of the Goethe-Institute Belgrade to moderate the first meeting of cultural portals in South Eastern Europe.

The workshop was attended by young journalists and cultural players from Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia and Macedonia, all of whom operate key cultural portals in their respective countries.

The Internet fulfils a crucial role in this region in the midst of transformation, because it facilitates and promotes transnational debate and cultural exchange. In post war countries people need to learn more about their neighbouring countries and the EU. For citizens of some of the countries of South Eastern Europe is still difficult to travel to the EU countries, but the Internet allows young journalists and others interested in cultural exchange to communicate with like-minded people abroad and to contribute to the internationalization of their local and regional cultural and art scene.

We welcome the foundation of the SEE Network of Cultural Portals at the workshop.

The network's goals will be set out in a manifesto to be published in 2007.

Basic objectives are promoting cultural exchange and transnational debate between the countries of former Yugoslavia, promoting European integration from the bottom up by means of civil society networks in the Internet, addressing an international community of young decision makers and involving them by means of participatory forms (Web 2.0) and communicating the significance of culture for structural change and the democratisation in South Eastern Europe.

Founding members of the SEE Network of Cultural Portals:

Independent online service for artists, curators, academics and cultural managers, providing information on projects, competitions and international cooperation. A project of the Center for Contemporary Arts in Ljubljana.

Bosnia Express
Independent cultural magazine based in Northwest Bosnia-Herzegovina focussing on cultural exchange between the countries of the former Yugoslavia. A project of the NGO Bosnia Express.
The portal presents the daily events in the cultural life in Macedonia and the presentations of Macedonian culture abroad. A project of the NGO Junona.

Culturelink connects regional, interregional and international research projects in the area of cultural policy, fosters inter-cultural communication and organises conferences and seminars.
An initiative of the Croatian Ministry of Culture and the Open Society Institute Croatia founded in 2000. Since 2004 the Croatian Ministry of Culture has continued to maintain and develop the project. News, databases and calendar of cultural events in Croatia.

Information portal on support programmes of the European Union in the cultural area, located in Ljubljana. A project of the Center for Contemporary Arts in Ljubljana, supported by the EU and the Slovenian government.
Croatian Books in Print website, which offers complete coverage of data on books, publishers, bookshops and authors in Croatia.

Independent cultural magazine of the NGO Clubtur, presenting current reports on contemporary art and culture in Croatia. With discussion forums and an events calendar.

A network of journalists and initiatives from 20 countries. The site's major goal is to improve reporting about Eastern European countries in Western media.

With 500,000 visits per month, the largest independent online cultural magazine in German. Publishing a daily review of the cultural pages, an international Magazine Roundup and summaries of book reviews appearing in German-language newspapers and magazines.

The website of the independent radio station Radio Student FM, founded in 1969 by students of Ljubljana University. Today Radio Student is a non-profit, urban community.
An up-to-date online platform in Serbian language, focusing on culture, the art scene and intellectual exchange in the countries of former Yugoslavia. An English version started in November 2006. A project of the Belgrade-based NGO translates the wealth of the German-language cultural and political press into English, bringing non-English language authors to a worldwide audience. A project of Perlentaucher Medien GmbH, funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

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In co-operation with the Goethe-Institute Amsterdam, Post Amsterdam and Dare2Connect, will present "Let's Talk European!" a panel discussion on the European public sphere. The event, moderated by journalist Hans Maarten van den Brink, features Endre B. Bojtar, editor-in-chief of the Hungarian weekly paper Magyar Narancs, Gerbert van Loenen, deputy chief editor of the Dutch daily Trouw, Arne Ruth, former chief editor of the Swedish Dagens Nyheter and Arno Widmann, head of the Feuilleton and Media section at the Frankfurter Rundschau.
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