Physical Dramaturgy: Ein (neuer) Trend?

Dramaturgie im zeitgenössischen Tanz ist ? positiv gemeint ? ein heißes Eisen. Idealerweise sind Dramaturginnen und Dramaturgen während der Erarbeitung eines Stücks die besten Freunde der Choreografen. more more


Saturday 20 - Friday 26 February, 2010

Frank Rieger of the Computer Chaos Club looks at the algorithmic structure of state surveillance. The feuilletons are all happy about "Honey" getting the Golden Bear at an otherwise lame duck of a Berlinale. Theatre director Frank Castorf explains why the poet Michael Reinhold Lenz is not Kurt Cobain. And Adam Krzeminski mourns the 'curse' of being Romanian, Polish, Latvian or Slovak.
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Friday 12 - Friday 19 February, 2010

Polanski's "Ghost Writer" has brought architectural torment to the Berlinale, of the type only a good brandy can relieve. Audiences booed at Oskar Roehler's "Jew Suess - Rise and Fall", as soon as a nerve was touched. Benjamin Heisenberg provokes sympathy with the bank robber and marathon runner "Pumpgun Ronnie". In the plagiarism scandal surrounding Helene Hegemann's book "Axelotl Roadkill" the criticism is now being directed back at the critics. And Czech writer Radka Denemarkova is furious at her country for sweeping the past under the carpet.
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Saturday 6 - Friday 12 February, 2010

While Berlinale director Dieter Kosslick focusses his attention on culinary cinema, Werner Herzog describes how to organise your own Berlinale. Psychiatrist and writer Ion Viona explains why post-communist Romania is built on quicksand. The feuilletons were shaken, but not really, to discover that child prodigy Helene Hegemann copied and pasted much of her celebrated novel "Axolotl Roadkill". The Tagesspiegel sets out on the trail of the clan behind the "honour killing" of Hatun Sürücü. And the SZ reports on an impressive show of solidarity at Hrant Dink's trial in Istanbul.
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Saturday 30 January - Friday 5 February, 2010

The FR tells Germany to grant its immigrants suffrage. The FAZ observes Austria's desperate struggle to hold onto its remaining sovereignty. In die Welt, Zafer Senocak turns the attention of the Europeans towards the modern face of the Muslim woman. The SZ is spellbound by Maurizio Pollini, who just does everything right. An obituary to J.D. Salinger celebrates his androgynous style. And Tehran's Fajr Film Festival is haemorrhaging jurors.
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