Physical Dramaturgy: Ein (neuer) Trend?

Dramaturgie im zeitgenössischen Tanz ist ? positiv gemeint ? ein heißes Eisen. Idealerweise sind Dramaturginnen und Dramaturgen während der Erarbeitung eines Stücks die besten Freunde der Choreografen. more more


Saturday 25 - Friday 31 July, 2009

Theatre manager Ulrich Khuon speculates on whether theatre has severed itself from real life. Venice biennial curator Daniel Birnbaum celebrates the artistic merits of polytheism. Daniel Kehlmann's opening speech at the Salzburger Festspiele left the feuilletons in a tizzy. Renrou Sousuo has millions of Chinese participating in an online witchhunt. And the premiere of Quentin Taratino's Nazi's slasher movie left Berlin cheering in a pure oxygen high.
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Saturday 18 - Friday 24 July, 2009

Romanian author Herta Müller describes for the first time how she was terrorised by the Securitate in the 80's. In Le Monde, Andre Glucksmann refuses to believe Medvedev's assurances that Natalia Estemirova's killer will be found. On the 90th anniversary of the Bauhaus, Wolfgang Pehnt has an idea for the ultimate Bauhaus exhibition: skip the Bauhaus bit. 3D films are booming and die Welt knows why. The NZZ raises the alarm: Peking is planning to tear down the 2000 year-old centre of the Uigur silk route city, Kashgar.
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Saturday 11 - Friday 17 July, 2009

Chinese writer Yu Hua remembers the night he discovered that human warmth travels further that light. Abdourahman A. Waberi thanks Obama for his forthrightness in Ghana. Chinese author Mo Yan explains why his books lack decorum. Twenty years after the 'fiche affair', the NZZ reads the bizarre files on Max Frisch. The taz looks into reasons for the murder of Natalia Estemirova. And die Welt bids farewell to a leaden German institution: the Grimm dictionary.
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Saturday 4 - Friday 10 July, 2009

Egyptian author Alaa Al-Aswani compares the murders of Marwa el-Sherbini and Neda - and accuses the West of Islamophobia. The taz admires comic artist Guy Delisle's eye for detail. Translator Wei Zhang explains the role of the voluntary police force in upholding the Chinese censorship system. Writer Navid Kermani implores Western governments not to recognise the Iranian elections. Martin Walser declares his love for Angela Merkel, but he wants something in return.
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Saturday 27 June - Friday 7 June, 2009

The death of choreographer Pina Bausch has plunged all the feuilletons into mourning. It was not movement that interested her, but what moved people, the NZZ remembers. The author David Albahari deliniates the minefield of sensibilities that every Serbian author has cross. Iraqi author Najem Wali explains why it is not naive to believe in Israeli ideals. Chinese artist Ai Weiwei removes all his clothes and jumps up and down in protest against China's automatic porn-detector.
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